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Review from the New York Times!

We just launched and received some great press! Two disappointments however:

  • We wrote to the local press (TechFlash, XConomy) but they chose to ignore us
  • We’re #1 for “data applied” on Bing.com and Yahoo.com, but not yet on Google.com

Here are some of the highlights…

ReadWriteWeb + New York Times:
It’s pretty hard to beat this combination in terms of audience! As ReadWriteWeb explains on their web site, they are among the top 10 blogs, while the New York Times is the largest metropolitan newspaper in the US. It’s awesome that the journalist (Marshall Kirkpatrick) was in a good mood, but also that he immediately understood what we were trying to do. These guys are also super efficient in terms of turnaround.

Le Grand BI:
This French Business Intelligence online magazine is a bit of a tough cookie, but we survived their scrutiny almost unharmed. If you find French unintelligible, you can still search for this word: “wow”. These guys are experts in the BI field, and their analysis is interesting because it puts things in context. As they pointed out, our favorite acronym (Data Analysis as a Service = DAAS) is unfortunately already taken.

Twitter is extremely viral in terms of propagating news. In fact, we found it hard to keep up with all the updates. We’re not using Twitter yet, and that’s clearly something we need to fix. Some well-known Data Mining personalities / experts such as Dr Granville (AnalyticsBridge) or Gregory Piatetsky (KDNuggets) were kind enough to tweet about us. If you read this, thank you!

PR Web:
Don’t be fooled: we wrote this one! What PR Web does is distribute company press releases to a large network of journalists. The problem with press releases is that there are so many of them that they are ignored completely. Still, we had to find a way to celebrate our launch one way or another by spending some money on PR. We’re not sure we’ll use their services again, though.

A few other ones:

  • InfoChimps ‘ Flip Kromer wrote: “Played more w/ datapplied and IF YOU USE DATA GO TRY THIS OUT. Top-notch analytics & viz, rivals @tableau”. We also happen to love their huge collection of data sets!
  • Pint, a top web design firm in San Diego said this: “While you need Silverlight to run Data Applied’s viz&analyze tool, it’s actually worth it if you crunch big data”.
  • Charlie Maitland named us the winner of a one-person coolest data visualization tool of 2009 :)

That’s all for now. Thank you very much for trying our software and for taking the time to write about us!

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