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First look: Data Applied

James Taylor published a “First Look” blog post about Data Applied, which you can read here. Jumping to the end:

The product is visually very appealing and looks very easy to use – delivering data mining results without a need for a lot of data mining know-how.

James is an industry analyst for products and services related to decision management, incluiding data mining, enterprise optimization, and business intelligence. You may be wondering: what does an industry analyst do exactly? Essentially, an industry analyst monitors an industry by watching product releases, keeping track of company news, evaluating products, etc. Therefore industry analysts are in a unique position to see the big picture, and provide a broad perspective on a specific market. In addition, industry analysts usually offer retainer-based services which include:

  • Notifyng clients of important trends / news are relevant to them
  • Providing networking opportunities with other companies
  • Writing white papers, evaluating competitors’ products, recommending pricing strategies, etc.

We’re too small to hire an industry analyst right now, but after talking to James, we now understand how useful it could be in the future.