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Interview with IT Business Edge

Read our interview with Ann All from IT Business Edge. The subject is one close to our hearts: making data mining more accessible.

Our technology might be on the edge, but we envision a world where the world’s data is routinely analyzed using more powerful methods than simple pie chart reporting and executive dashboards.

What kind of data? Survey data, marketing data, sales data, inventory data, employee data, engineering data, social data, salesforce data, ebay data Рany type of data!

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Review from the New York Times!

We just launched and received some great press! Two disappointments however:

  • We wrote to the local press (TechFlash, XConomy) but they chose to ignore us
  • We’re #1 for “data applied” on and, but not yet on

Here are some of the highlights…

ReadWriteWeb + New York Times:
It’s pretty hard to beat this combination in terms of audience! As ReadWriteWeb explains on their web site, they are among the top 10 blogs, while the New York Times is the largest metropolitan newspaper in the US. It’s awesome that the journalist (Marshall Kirkpatrick) was in a good mood, but also that he immediately understood what we were trying to do. These guys are also super efficient in terms of turnaround.
Read more…

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