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Running a garage startup

What does it mean to be a garage startup, especially when your goal is to crunch massive amounts of data? In our case, we mean this quite literally, and since a picture is worth a thousand words, take a peek. Obviously, we’re also using computers hosted by third-party providers whose data centers offer full redundancy and physical data protection. So keep in mind that what you’re seeing below is only for internal use / to support our free plan.

This said, it doesn’t have to be on-premise computing vs. cloud computing. We’ve found that it actually makes sense to combine local and cloud computing. For example, local computing can be used on a fixed basis to deal with regular load, while cloud computing can be used to accomodate overflow load. Cloud computing is a bit like renting movies: it’s cheap to rent one, as long as you don’t keep it for too long.

So you want to process credit cards?

Here is an article we published on the Seattle 2.0 website:
           So You Want to Process Credit Cards?

The entire industry is a mess. We hope this information will save a fellow entrepreneur some time (and money). Check out the excellent links from the Seattle startup community in comments as well.

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