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Free data mining training

01/27/2010 1 comment

Let’s face it: squeezing the most information out of your data requires more than just executive dashboards and pretty reports. Only more advanced techniques such as data mining can automate the process of going over all possible combinations and transform data into actionable insights. Two key obstacles remain however: cost and complexity. Like us,¬†Data Mining Tools.NET is working hard to address these two issues. We like their tag line: watch, learn, mine.

Their company is based in India, and provides free videos and tutorials about a number of data mining products, including Data Applied (see videos or tutorials), InfoChimps (see this), WEKA, etc.¬†They also offer a subscription-based program allowing members to prepare for certification exams. They’re adding new videos at a furious pace, so we recommend visiting them often to check for new content. For example, one of their developer recently contacted us regarding our API, and just posted a new tutorial on how to use our data crunching Web API using Python.

The data mining industry is changing rapidly. Data sets are becoming more affordable and easier to find, while analysis software is becoming more powerful and easier to use. And since you’re still reading this, check out our new training page:!

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