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Visualizing product inventory using tree maps

08/17/2009 2 comments

How can large data be visualized, so as to find interesting patterns? In this example, we visualize a large data set containing product inventory information using tree maps, so as to identify product miscategorization, verify product ID assignment, and detect overstocking patterns. We also explain how the same technique can be applied to other types of data.

Analyzed data:

We obtained a large data set from an online electronic product merchant containing the following variables:

  • Product ID
  • Product name (ex: “RJ-45 CAT 5 cable”)
  • Category (ex: “networking cables”)
  • Manufacturer (ex: “Belkin”)
  • Price
  • Product availability (some negative!)
  • Item URL (URL for the product on the merchan’t website)
  • Image URL (URL for the product’s image on the merchant’s website)

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